Welcome, vagrants.

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Welcome, vagrants.

Postby The Bard » Mon Jan 11, 2016 1:45 am

"Devarsen, t'vax."

An unknown amount of time has passed since the world ended and all was consumed. Your mind cannot determine whether it has been minutes or centuries since your final dash towards The Hollows. One thing is certain; you believe that you should either be dead or safely tucked away with your allies in the deepest caverns of the world. No other option was offered to you.

You see a monumental figure standing before you. The figure is masculine in form and heavily robed with dark cloth. Devices and adornments hang from the figure's clothing and around his neck. His careful hands slowly turn the pages of a great and extraordinary tome but his hooded visage pays no heed to the paper. Instead, the cloudy blue void where a face should be sweeps the room as if taking everything in.

"You are not dead."

The voice is firm and practiced. Hints of a timeless melancholy are interwoven in his confident voice. Despite a whelming number of male features, a sing song woman's voice echoes from behind the hood as well. This voice does not speak; it sings. The voice is beyond any description of beauty that you have previously encountered and brings thoughts of hope and optimism to the forefront of your mind. Her words are in a language you cannot comprehend but the two voices weave through the air in a strange harmony that quenches and rends your soul.

"You are not in The Hollows. This place is no place and all places."

It seems that only the male voice speaks.

"Your thoughts race at what has happened. I know your thoughts. I know your pasts. I know your futures. Being here, you have breached an often well guarded barrier between time and space. This is a crime to some. To me, it is a mere curiosity."

The figure continues to page through his book. You look around and notice that you are far from alone.

Everyone is here. Mostly everyone. The environment around you is vast and difficult to wrap your mind around. You feel no hunger, no thirst. What appears to be a wall begins moving further away from you whenever you focus on it and closer to you when you look away. The air here is rich and fragrant, full of spices and musk.

After a moment of being distracted by the sights and smells, you look to the people that surround you. The dwarf nations are here. The mercenary nations are here. The grand architects and the scholars are here. The forest nations are arriving as you look around; or were they here the entire time?

You struggle to remember who you are. The more you think on it, the more your memories return.

Friends and enemies in one place. There are no nations. There are no resources. There are no borders.

"Your history matters not, mortals. You have transcended the chains of your past squabbles. Your future is now your past. Not the past you left behind. That past is now a separate thread in the grand tapestry that we all weave. Instead, your future will be the shaping of your past. A past that will always be your present."

The figure pauses a moment.

"You seem confused. I speak in circles, yes? Your life is new. This is a blank slate. You have the opportunity to make a new place in another world. I suggest you talk among yourselves while you have a chance. For you, at least, time is fleeting."

For the first time since you heard his voice the figure looks towards the book in his hands and stops flipping the pages. The beautiful song whispers in your ears and sharpens your senses as you scan the room with your eyes. Though you cannot understand the words, you are filled with images of glory and a future filled with adventure.
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