The forbidden city of Thanragh

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The forbidden city of Thanragh

Postby _Ass4ssin_ » Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:25 am

Thranagh's backstory and lore:
It was a busy night at the Drunken Sailor, there were the regulars, closest to the counter's beertap.
There was a group of travelers telling stories to each other in the corner below the stairs.
Edward and Dan, two old men out of town, were playing a card game together at the small table.
Then there was a group of friends that lived near the town, they were seated at the middle table.
The Drunken Sailor was completely full, except for that one lonely old spot right next to the door.
Most people avoided it as they hate the air flowing whenever someone steps inside, as well as it being the smallest spot, for only a single person.

It had remained empty for months, if it weren't for the bartender cleaning it would have been full of cobwebs long before now.
It was on this night however that it has regained it's purpose.
The doors of the pub swung inward as a hooded man walked inside and took his place on the lonely seat.
The bartender shuffled over and took his order. Meanwhile Edward felt something was off with the new arrival.
He stared at the hooded man, who kept his hood on the for the entirety of his stay, trying to figure out what his purpose was.

The regulars were speaking loudly, and the travelers were talking over one another, making it a noisy place.
As the bartender gave the hooded man his drink, Edward stood up and pointed in his direction, drawing the attention of the taproom.
Everyone slowly looked towards the hooded man, who still acted as though nothing was amiss, and the room went silent.
It was so quiet that you could hear a mouse scurrying across the tavern floor
The silence was broken by Edward, who was still pointing at the man.
"Y-y-y-you are him, the stranger out of Thanragh, the city of vampires!" said Edward, stuttering nervously.
"Aren't they werewolves, not vampires?" asked Dan, who was only focused on his cards in his hands.

"Thanragh, You mean the forbidden city of Thanragh? I though it had been abandoned for years!" exclaimed one of the travelers.
"I heard there were a group of necromancers living in that city..." said another traveler.
"Thanragh has been closed for a decade, ever since the invasion . . ." spoke one of the regulars, "You know, the one that killed all of the inhabitants?"
"I heard only a couple of wizards survived the attack and have lived beneath the city ever since." said another regular who was a bit drunk.
"It is impossible that anybody is living in Thanragh, that place has long been forgotten, leave the man alone." said one of the friends loudly.

"No no, it's fine, I am indeed from Thanragh" said the hooded man in a calm voice "I, like a few others, have survived the invasion . . ."
"We have been rebuilding the city, so it may once more re-open its doors again!" the hooded man voice began to get a bit more excited and a small grin could be spotted "And that time is finally here! The city has opened it's gates to any who may wish to enter."
"I don't trust you or your damn city for a single bit, leave this town and don't come back, we don't want anything to do with that place" said Edward, now angry.
"I knew a friend who entered the city a year back, he never was seen or heard from again! What happened to him?!?!?" yelled one of the travelers.
"I can assure you our city has nothing to hide." Said the hooded man as he took a last sip of his drink.
"Oh if that's so, why do you have the forbidden zone?" yelled one of the regulars.
"I'm sorry, I won't answer anything regarding the zone, but I can assure you it is nothing to worry about, if you excuse me, I have a city to manage" said the hooded man as he stood up and strode outside.

As the hooded man exited the pub and left the town, heading in the direction of the forbidden city of Thanragh, the people in the Drunken Sailor started arguing.
The city always had it's forbidden zone, an secret area which only insiders may enter, and was heavily guarded during the city's heyday.
There are many myths and rumors regarding what took place in this region, some say they are performing works of necromancy, others tell stories of vampires sacrificing humans, or worse.

Ever since the invasion the city was considered destroyed and abandoned, any who remained were thought to have perished.
The leaders decided that the threat was gone as long as the city of Thanragh stayed sealed off.
None knew that the few that lived were starting to rebuild the forbidden city and make their way back to the surface.
It's been a decade and that time is finally here. The city has been reborn and opened to the outside once more.

The old rule of Thanragh is known by anyone visiting it:
Any outsider is welcome to the city of Thanragh as long as they stay out of the forbidden zone....

An abandoned city with a dark secret, in its heyday nobody was allowed into Thranagh's forbidden zone, but rumors persist today as to its true purpose.

First up a big thanks to _Myst_ to help me out with the lore. Before his help the lore was quite a mess and what not. Things aside, the city of Thanragh is opening its gates again. We could use some players, so if anyone is interested just ask. There is still quite a lot to build, but for now the city is open to the public!
There will be a path from spawn to the city soon as well.
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Re: The forbidden city of Thanragh

Postby _myst_ » Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:50 pm

I didn't change the content of your lore, just the spelling. You're welcome nonetheless though :D
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