The Sablynthians

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The Sablynthians

Postby Ragandar » Mon Dec 07, 2015 10:53 pm

A rock fell down into the water, sending ripples towards the banks of the lake. The little creature huddled back into the shades, cringing as it heard the stone connect to the surface of the water. He clung onto the stalactite with both his arms and his legs as he squinted down at the shore of the underground body of water. There were shapes moving down there, the critter of short stature was absolutely certain of it.

+You see them down there?

Sinic glanced to his side and saw Ragandar hang from a stalactite much like his own. He nodded silently and took a brief moment to lay a long, bony finger on his lips. Then he quickly grabbed back onto the stone again, afraid to lose purchase on the slippery surface.

+Oh please, it’s not like they can hear us from all the way down there.

Sinic winced as he saw Ragandar let go of the rock with his hands and cling to the stalactites with just his feet. He knew they were all capable of doing that, he just did not like taking unnecessary risks. The little creature shot Ragandar a dark look, who quickly righted himself and used his hands to hold on to the stone again.

+Besides, those big pink apes never look up anyway. Elder’s stories were right. Silly humans.

~Will you be quiet? I am trying to hear what they are saying!

Ragandar quickly shut up and looked down at the humans that were walking along the coast. Sinic made sure to stick to the shadows as he climbed closer to the invasive beings. They brought a strange, bright light on sticks into the cavern. It hurt his eyes. They left them everywhere, filling his home with an uncomfortable glow.

He could deal with the faint light from the radiant stones that were scattered throughout the cave, but the light on sticks that the humans brought in glared too much. The Sablynthian noticed the people were clad in something that he had never seen before, which glimmered in the glow of the lights on sticks. Sinic could also hear a faint murmur coming from the humans, but he could not make sense of what they were saying. It had been ages since humans had entered their cave, it had been long before Sinic had even been born. The only reason he knew these pink creatures that were looking at the walls of the caves were humans was because of the stories his elders used to tell them.

~What are they doing?

+They are taking our stones! Our pretties!

Ragandar seemed agitated at the fact that the humans were hacking into the walls of the cavern, which filled their ears with an uncomfortable ring, in order to steal the precious stones from the cavern.

+They can’t do that!

~Stay, Ragandar. We must not be hasty.

They stayed up in the shadows of the stalactites together, waiting for the humans to finally leave the cavern. Then they clambered down and inspected what the humans had left behind. Scratches in the rock were left where once there had been precious gemstones. The small piece of cavernous wall had been robbed of its natural beauty.

+We must protect the cavern from these invaders. They should not be allowed to damage our home so.

Sinic thought it over for a moment.

~No. We should be careful with these humans. They might not be evil, just unintelligent. Maybe they can be reasoned with. We should see whether they are willing to leave us alone. Or maybe even trade with us. That would be exquisite.

Sinic saw the descriptions of overworldly goods that had been described in the stories of their Elders. The humans fascinated him, and he wanted to know more about them. Still, he hoped there would be a way for them to let the humans know that they should no longer take the stones that rightfully belonged to the Sablynthians. Otherwise they might never build up the relations necessary for a trade agreement. He would try his best to find a way to communicate with these strange, tall and pink creatures.

Since Sinic and I are going to form a town of small, underground creatures that have never seen humans in their lives, I figured it would be neat to have a description of their first encounter with humans. Expect a post with more descriptions of the Sablynthians and their town of Sablynth soon(ish).
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Re: The Sablynthians

Postby Onundr » Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:51 pm

Well done, I have been looking forward to visiting that lake. Now I am interested in what kind of architecture these creatures are capable of.
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Re: The Sablynthians

Postby charmisokay » Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:47 am

I don't know why but this gave me a dwarf fortress vibe, and I'm intrigued.
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