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Postby Captain Bounceraff » Tue Dec 29, 2015 11:56 am

The Foundation and History of Bridgetown:


Bridgetown is aptly named after Bounty’s Bridge.

Before the settling, there were only two lands, separated by a flooded ravine. Though they both had their own goods to provide, these lands were not peaceful. One land, rich in forest and water from mountain snow, was ravaged in blood and chaos of beasts run wild. The other land, of fertile soil ripe for farming and raising livestock, was ruled over by creatures born of the night with only evil in their souls. These lands were hostile, torturous, and an agonizing end to any who dwelt there unprepared or unequipped. Neither land was fit for living.

It wasn’t long before a man came upon the soon-to-be resting place of Bounty’s Bridge. Where he came from or what his past holds, no one can say . . . though, some swear that the smells of salt and ocean spray follow in his steps. This man would set out to unite the two lands and create a safe haven for those of tired body or soul to find refuge. This man would set out to utilize the bounties offered by the two lands in the face of each great danger; each onslaught of monsters in the shadow. This man would succeed.

Moons passed and, upon its completion, the world echoed of the glory of Bounty’s Bridge. No longer were the threats of death and suffering hanging over the heads of travelers and settlers. Now there was a spark of hope. Before long, land was claimed and the rich, fertile soil gave birth to the largest crop the world had seen. This crop would be crucial to the further development of the town, as would some new-found relationships with others scattered throughout the land.

Today, Bridgetown continues to grow and move towards the goal of creating a safe haven for the people of the Realms. New developments of homes and public structures are on the rise. Every day, the town secures a more stable hold on the land and is strengthened by it's own progress. Bridgetown aspires to be a beacon, a trade center, and a humble home to those that wish it. What future lies in wait for the town? What legends and stories will be told of Bounty's Bridge? What far corners of the Realms will Bridgetown reach?

TL;DR – A bridge was built.

The Bridgetown banner:

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