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Postby gigyas6 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:54 am

This is going to be a long post with walls of text and very few, if any, tl;dr's, but it's important and has been a long time coming now.

Let's talk about some things, guys. In general, let's talk about what's been going on, and where things are going.

Where I've Been

I've been pretty inactive over the last couple months, as you've probably noticed.

Part of this has been a work/finances issue. I was at a point where I was working around 40 hours a week where some days were 10 hours at a time, and spent the rest of the time I had sleeping or being sick as I was working night shifts. I kinda needed the work to get my finances in order after a few unexpected expenses and after the holidays. This is, thankfully, sorted now.

Additionally, as far as mentally, February is a really rough month for me. And not because "no gf lol", but because a lot of really dark stuff has happened over the last few years and February has always been in the center of it. Not only that, but the weather where I live is really, really gloomy right now. All in all, this had made me generally uninterested in doing anything with the free time that I have had. But we're halfway through now, and things are getting sorted out with that.

I'm not saying this for sympathy or anything, and I'm not trying to make excuses. This is just what's been going on the last couple months and why I haven't been active. Everything's cool beans now, though. The server will be updated soon to the current version so folks can join with no issue.

Let's move on to some important topics, then, that I want to talk about.


I really hate pushing the Patreon for a lot of reasons. I've talked about it only a small handful of times since I set one up, and I don't think very many people even know we have one.

This has got to change.

While I can still support the server on my own, part of the process for this was so that the community as a whole could chip in for the server and support it, so that no one person could claim financial control.

Part of the reason I set up Patreon to do "Per monthly update" was so that I wasn't being lazy. That hasn't helped much, though. Most patrons will probably notice that they have yet to be charged at all for the Patreon (although let me know ASAP if this is not the case - I have not charged patrons deliberately and Patreon has given me no notice of payment received).

For consistency, and so that the server can start being self-sufficient, I'd like to change this and make this a full monthly thing. That way updates can come out in their own time, and the community can provide a lot more as far as content without me feeling the need to delay it so that I can put my stuff out.

If you're a current patron and want to weigh in on that, please talk to me about it. I'll also be making a post on the Patreon about this.

On this same trend, I'd like to provide better rewards for patrons. Due to a large number of unforeseen complications, getting a "Beta world" setup seems nigh-impossible, and isn't much of a reward anyway. I'd like patrons, or people planning to be patrons, to let me know what they'd like to receive as rewards, whether it be something physical, in-game, or otherwise. I'm open to suggestions.
Similarly, I'd like to see non-patrons who don't plan on or can't be a patron mention what they'd not like to see as rewards. That way, patrons still feel like they're being rewarded, but non-patrons don't feel like their being cheated for not donating.

Community Server PvP

It has been surprisingly difficult to try and incentivise combat and warfare on the server. When _myst_ was first designing the map, a major goal of his was to cause resource struggles and strife based on limited resources. Unfortunately, in minecraft, this is almost impossible. The Sugar Cane situation is a great example of this - despite limiting its release, and despite it being only found in one area with small quantity, it seems like everyone has all that they need now. It went from being an incredibly rare resource to being relatively common almost overnight. No blood was shed.

In fact, little blood has been shed in general. Only a small handful of deaths have happened at the hands of other players, and many of them have been accidents.

It's hard to reward PvP directly - what is there to really give? Resources that most players already have plenty of? Magic weapons that are only slightly better than that which can be made by hand?

In this community, the best way to push this along seems to be through RP and Lore.
We'll be seeing something on this really, really soon to help out. Actual RP/Lore reasons for PvP, not just shiny trinkets. And I mean like this week. There'll probably be another post on this tomorrow. It's comin'.


Given Minecraft's nature and how long it's been out, doing things like Dungeons isn't really feasible.

Either the monsters are so brain-dead stupid to fight that it's arbitrary for them to be their to begin with... Or they're needlessly complex through a long list of command blocks (and even then). There's not much in-between.

Minecraft isn't really designed as a Hack and Slash or Dungeon Crawler - while this was, at one point, a design focus, even the hardest monster in the game right now - a Wither - can be farmed. Easily. You set up a piston-trap and then left click it until it dies. That's it. Even limiting things to Adventure Mode, there's still not much to this - most fights will become "Avoid Projectiles/Bad Zone and Left Click Boss when able."

Because of this, things like the Goblin Dungeon that was planned has been cut, and other dungeons (like Assassin's) haven't been implemented because, while the map is well made, there's not much challenging content to it.

I'd like to put a focus on things like puzzles in the future, or detecting and avoiding traps, with very little mob-fighting content. But for now, big bosses and large swathes of enemies really doesn't seem to end up being too fun. At least not as a frequent activity rather than just an event.

This all being said, Ocean Exploration is still slated to be released before or in May. The conceptual, development side of things is already done, and implementation isn't too difficult - all that needs to be done is actually laying out the command blocks, mathematics, and setting up a section of the map for the actual ocean. Pirates get hyped.


As I said above, I'm going to be implementing something directly linked between PvP and Lore really soon. We'll also be seeing more Lore contests to expand the universe and incentivize writing.

That being said, we have an entire subforum here dedicated to roleplay and lore. You don't need to wait for someone to come by and make something "canon" - if you want to write about a cool thing, like a monument, your character, a piece of history, something, feel free to do it. Seriously, just go on ahead. Whether it's canon or not depends on how well accepted it is by the community - you don't need the go ahead.

Community in General

When I first started setting up the server, the primary goal in mind was to put as much as possible in the hands of the community.

This has proven to be the worst mistake I've made with this server by far.
Don't get me wrong - I still want this. I know you still want this. This is everybody's place and something for everyone to contribute to. And I'm still going to work towards making this as much of a reality as possible.

The problem is getting the tools in your folks' hands. I've thought about just OPing everyone to allow swapping between creative and such and allowing you to make your own instances, but you can probably see inherent problems with that. Not just the amount of space issues and such that would cause, but because it's not particularly fun. I don't know if there's ever going to be a point where I play survival Minecraft on this server because of how frequently I need to be in Creative mode.

So while I want to give you guys the tools to do your own thing, I don't want to also burden you with the responsibility of trying to moderate and arbitrate yourselves. Self-set limitations are a good thing - it's my mantra that limitations breed creativity. But it's not so cut and dry in this case.

That said, in the meantime, if you have an idea for an event you want to do that requires additional stuff, let me know. I'm more than happy to help any way that I can, whether you need an instance, unique items, or what have you.

That's all for now. I'm going to try and be more active here soon, and hopefully the RP/Lore event coming up will give us all a bit more drive.
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