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Community Server Moderation

Postby Sheez » Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:05 am

Hey all!

I just wanted to let you know that I am available to assist in rules moderation for the community server being hosted by Gigyas.

General NaW rules are in effect because no one wants to deal with complete assholes.

If you take screenshots of abuse or flagrant rule breaking, feel free to contact ME by PM.

I will review the screen shot and complaint. The other party will likely be reached out to as well.

If I am really not sure what to do with the information, I'll consult a few of the other admins to see what they think.

I can't be in game flying around all of the time but I can assist Gigyas in removing problems from his server.

We can't babysit this thing like we did S2 and some of us are actively playing on the server. This is mostly a way to help Gigyas in dealing with NaW rule breakers.

Re: Community Server Moderation

Postby gigyas6 » Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:18 am

I'd like to take this time to also point out that the community server has had some issues so far. These have mostly been minor, and have been done without real guidelines or rules to follow, so I haven't done a lot to take care of these problems as of yet, as I didn't want to create issues where there were none.

That said, please remember golden rules of any minecraft server in addition to the rules of N@W at large. Just because something isn't directly covered by a plugin doesn't necessarily mean it's okay to do it, and if it's something you think is a problem, there's a good chance it is. While the server has been up for a couple months now, it's still in its infancy as a whole, and so it doesn't have all the backbone that even S2 and the inbetween seasons had when run by the stable admin team in the past. This is something that's going to require more patience and cooperation from everyone to get more smoothly running and collected.

All that being said, most folks who've been coming on or coming back have been doing just fine, and given how tight-stitch this community has been over the years I doubt we're going to be having any real substantial problems - but with any large influx of players, old or new, it's good to have some refreshers.

Stay beautiful, folks. N@W Community server
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