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RPG Playtest

Postby gigyas6 » Mon May 04, 2015 3:17 pm

Some time ago, I brought up that I was making a tabletop rpg. It's been generally a back-burner project, however, it's starting to get to a place where it can be playable. Over the next couple weeks (after finals), I'll be finishing some of the final touches for a first playtest. It's generally to see how things work as is, see what needs to be added or removed, and see what needs clarification. It will be super clunky, super broken, and have lots of errors, as is expected.

Okay, let's get on with it. The hell is this all about.

The working name of the game is "Provenance". Quite some time ago, your grandparents' grandparents received a large sum of money as a loan from the local kingdom to found a village. Nowadays, you and your fellow villagers are starting to hit the time allowance of that debt. And there's a lot to pay off. Even with the kingdom giving you a payment plan, it's still a bit of a struggle to get those payments on time. And if you don't pay... Let's just say there likely to do a bit more than just retake your holdings.
What's worse is the local gangs of monsters and bandits have really been getting braver, and you haven't seen an adventurer in weeks now. Not to mention, little Will got attacked by a bear the other day and is still pretty injured even after scraping to get away, and the Doc is off in the city trying to woo some girl. And if that wasn't enough, for the forth cycle in a row, your goddamned tomato plants died of disease, and the Hedge Wizard is an asshole so he won't come and check your crop.

Provenance is about pretty much playing as NPCs - farmers, merchants, and guardsmen - and trying to survive not only the crippling debt and changing of seasons, but the bizarre occurences that can happen to a normal village in a fantasy world.

The best way I've ever been able to explain it is "If Little House on the Prairie and High Fantasy genre had a baby that was a tabletop RPG".

Mechanics-wise it's a pseudo-d20 system (using d12s... I like d12s, and they get no love) with classes. Classes don't dictate what your character can do, but more of how they do it. For instance, anyone can be a Farmer, but a Yeoman does so through hard work and discipline, a Scholar would have large portions of knowledge on how to effectively farm, an Expert would farm through technique and trial and error, and Thaumaturge would farm through minor miracles or magic. Some classes are more fit for some jobs than others, but there's nothing stopping anyone from really doing anything (apart from some classes not getting access to Spells, but that may change).

As I'm looking to do a playtest soon-ish (again, in sometime in the next few weeks after finals), I was wanting to see if any folks here were interested. Right now, this will be a player's handbook/core rules playtest, so I can't just hand off the stuff to someone else and see if they can run it (unfortunately).
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Re: RPG Playtest

Postby charmisokay » Tue May 05, 2015 4:41 am

Still sounds interesting, I don't know if my schedule allows me to help you out right now, though.
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