Lore Contest: Frosthaven's Founding

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Lore Contest: Frosthaven's Founding

Postby Krazyguy75 » Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:54 pm

Just as a note, I am not a member of a nation yet, but I wanted to submit an entry for the spawn area I've worked on. I decided to name the spawn town Frosthaven, as the actual spawn is in the icy mountains, and this is a refuge from them, as well as a little homage to Stormhaven from S2. If you have a better name, I'm fine with changing it.

Chapter 1

Shivers ran over the boy's body as he traversed the icy peaks. He was lost in a winter hell, with no food nor any way to stay warm. He knew in his heart that, if this continued, he would die.

He looked for sanctuary, but he could see not but snowy trees in all directions. The mountainscape was unforgiving, and he had no time to waste. He climbed up the rocky mountain. As with any young explorer, he had a fit body, and normally, this type of rock face would be a minor challenge for him.

However, several days without much food had taken their toll. He was exhausted, and knew this trip might well be his last. He toiled onwards, despite his weakness.

Climbing up the rock face from handhold to handhold, he soon reached a critical point: there was nothing for him to grab for several meters. Scanning his surroundings, he saw an ancient and withered tree growing out of the side of the mountain. Using its branches, he tried to climb higher.


A branch broke beneath him and he tumbled several feet to the ground. The boy groaned, but did not seem to have any broken limbs. Pulling himself back up, he tried to climb it yet again. This time, he managed to reach a higher handhold. As he pulled himself over the ledge, he let out a breath of relief. He had finally reached the peak.

Chapter 2

He looked around and saw the snowy wastes expand in all directions. He sighed, knowing that his search had come to naught.

Right as he started to give up hope, he saw a pocket of green amidst the white. Looking closely, he saw a pocket of land, sheltered from the snowstorms by the ring of mountains. His eyes widened.

There might be food there!

Quickly descending the mountain, he made his way towards the sanctum that the green represented to him.

But his hasty descent proved to be a foolish decision, as his foot stuck a loose stone, and he tumbled town the mountain. His head struck stone, and everything went black.

Chapter 3

Time passed. The boy woke up with a splitting headache. He held his head as he examined the surroundings. On one side, white topped trees blocked his view. Directly opposite that and a short distance downhill, there were green trees growing out of the cliff face. He smiled despite the pain in his head as he moved towards them.

Breaking through the forested cliffs, he saw a vision of paradise. Within this snowy desolation, there was an area with trees and a small lake. Animals wandered here and there.


He quickly used his intellect to build rudimentary tools out of rocks and sticks, and quickly slaughtered a small number of wild boars that were roaming the borders of the treeline. He didn't have time to try and make a fire, so he ate the meat bloody and raw. Washing himself in the water of the lake, he thought "I can stay here as long as I need."

Months passed. He ate the local animals, and cooked them using a rudimentary coal powered oven. He drank from the lake. He started a wheat and carrot farm using the local vegetables. After getting his basic living conditions settled, he built a mine, and started work on a house. Eventually, he found that other explorers also found this sanctuary, and he discussed with them. Over the next few years, a tunnel was built to the town of Ignus, and he helped contribute to the mining effort when his time was not occupied with the construction of his house.

Finally, both the tunnel and the house were finished, both works of art in their own way. The boy smiled. It was the first building of Frosthaven, the refuge amidst the ice.
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