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'Narwhal' - Deep Space Science Vessel

Postby gigyas6 » Mon Oct 12, 2015 4:56 am

The song over the Narwhal's radio begins to fade out as Lieutenant O'Brien's voice comes forward.

"Evening Narwhal. As of this time we've just hit our third year away from HQ in our ever broader search for knowledge and science and all that jazz. Congratulations everybody. We're just coming to a close for third shift, so if you're a bridge officer and are waking up to the sound of my lovely voice, that means you've got first Bridge shift today and it's time to mosey on out of bed and into the bright, refreshing artificial lights of the upper corridor."

There's some light beeping as Lt. O'Brien is evidently trying to interact with something on his interface.

"Right now solar winds are high and the temperature outside is still-enough-that-you-probably-shouldn't-be-outside-without-some-form-of-protection degrees, although explosive decompression will probably get you before the weather does. Inside, you'll be noticing our environment regulator dropping a whopping one degree from 22 degrees celsius to 21 degrees celsius as we start our annual energy-saving cycle. We'll be looking at a further 3 degree drop over the following months, so now's a good time to start getting a blanket instead of complaining about the thermostat."

More beeping's heard during the pause

"If Ensign ranking officers have received a lower credit amount on their last pay report, please discuss it with a clerk or a higher ranking officer who is not me.There's been a small glitch in the system apparently and once its found it can be fixed and credits restored. I do not have the power to restore your credit, people, I just do third shift radio. Please stop asking me about it.

In other news, physical mail has just caught up with us. Inside you'll find all the parcels and loving knicknacks from loved ones back home, along with the results of the last promotional exam. If you were promoted, bring your letter to the Captain at your best convenience and we'll throw a little party for you folks in the mess wing.

That's all from me for today, but before I sign off to start intently at the door for shift one radio to come in, I wanna leave you a nice little cozy song from the 1980s, Via Con Me. I didn't know it was on our records either, but hey... I'm not complaining."

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