The Truth About These 'Gods'

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Re: The Truth About These 'Gods'

Postby Krazyguy75 » Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:55 pm

Ring127 wrote:
Krazyguy75 wrote:I propose you all be scientific, not scared or paranoid. No one ever got anywhere by clinging to the old. Try the new, and make the decisions based off that. All your points are based around legends of the old world. I've yet to meet a servant of the gods who dislikes their deity, so try it out before you run away from the new.

You talk of the old world as if no one from that time is yet alive. What of the elves, or the magi who have augmented their lifespans beyond normal means. Do not think that the sands of time have yet buried our past.

Of course no slave would dare speak bad of their master. To do so would be to martyr oneself. Those who have the courage to stand against the injustice have chosen to take no masters.

The magi are dead, their race gone from this world. And I never even mentioned the old world in that sentence, only your habit of clinging to your old fears. As for people from the old world, I know there are some left. I am one of them! And, unless I'm mistaken, you are not. I did not see the end of the world, but I saw the final fights. I saw undead fight against your ancestors. I saw the sealing of the Hallows. Do not speak to me of the old world as if it was perfect. I know it was not.
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