A Poetic Gathering of Poems

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A Poetic Gathering of Poems

Postby sn0wtorch » Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:37 pm

I was just wondering if there any people that like to write poems within the community. I occasionally write some myself - generally poems associated with strong emotional feelings.

Below (In the Spoiler) I will post one of the first poems I wrote for my wife. If anyone has any poems they would like to share then perhaps we can turn this into the Poem corner of the CoC forum.

(If you feel like someone could improve something in their Poem leave a comment - Make sure to not give them a killing blow though. Perhaps some /Delicate/ Criticism? )

I Hope you know you are allways on my mind,
I hope you think these next words are kind,
You and me share something not many find,
And no matter how much the road does wind,
We know that our love does not stay behind...

Future may not allways hold what we want it to,
But remember; I will allways love you,
And this sweet love of ours is true,
For it stays with us no matter what we do..

Forever more memories linger inside of me,
Right before my eyes so I can see,
All the moments I shared with thee,
You made me become what I allways wanted to be..

Soon life will put us to the test,
And togheter with you; We can make it the best,
Eternally bonded togheter until we can finally rest..

I found in you life's goal,
And you pulled me out of this dark hole,
And by doing so you saved my soul,
It is you who makes me whole..

It took long for us to finally meet,
When I first saw you my heart skipped a beat,
Falling in love took no longer then a heartbeat,
And it is now in utter defeat,
That I acknowledge that it is you who I Need...

The thought of ever having to lose you,
Makes me crazy; Not knowing what to do,
To lose something of such enormous value,
I dread the date when this is due.. 

Do excuse any grammatical errors (Misspelling / Sentence structure) -- I sometimes jamble sentences to make them fit
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