The Hidden Race(Fic. Writing)

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The Hidden Race(Fic. Writing)

Postby Zpade » Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:33 am

Before you begin reading, I would like to say this is my first attempt with roleplaying. Well, writing it I mean. This may be nice, or faulty, but regardless, I hope you, the reader, may enjoy the read.

(Set during the time the Races of the World resided within the Hollows, about a decade before the World was known Again.)


"Sir, I found something," Arques said to Elder Frost as he entered his home. "It's a page from someone's journal. Don't know why it would be laying around in the street, but I had a chill when I read some of its words. I fear its contents, I do not know why."

"Fear? I doubt there is a thing to fear down here, unless the giant spiders frighten you?" The elder replied. "Let me see that, I think you are simply overreacting to this, discovery of yours. Oh, and next time, do knock Arky? I am not a fan of your barging in much."

-Elder Frost began to read the strange journal leaf-

I knew Father would send me for food. Again! Why can't he send anyone else from the clan? Are they not equally capable of such simple tasks? I can make no sense of it. He tells me "A great leader must first become a superb follower." I don't buy it. Maybe, I will understand what the heavens that means soon... Bah! What understanding? There is NOTHING to understand from such silly words! Then he goes on to tell me: "Our people will soon see the heavens of our ancestors, like old time. Now go purchase the weekly food stock. Go now, or you will not eat later."

He really drives me insane. What exactly are "heavens?" Why do I even use that word? Why do We use the word? And why does Father keep saying we are "apart from the man all know of?" I see no difference between our neighbors. Elves and dwarves? Yes we are different from them. Humans? Are We not Human? We have to be, unless there is something wrong with us. I mean, sure, we live a little bit differently from "humans", since we are a "Clan". And there are two others. We ARE human, just with different customs. Father has a truly creative mind, or he is deranged.

What is he trying to say when he tells a clan member "Fellow Edosii"? What is "Edosii"? I asked him once. He just pointed at me. Then himself. I am so very annoyed with living here. I should just run away or something... No, that's a bad idea, no matter what I may think. I should sleep now. Father says so. I have a headache anyway.

-Elder Frost puts down the leaf on his dining table, and sits down with Arques-

"It's interesting, not scary Arky," Elder Frost said to Arques. "A people within the people. Should we look for the owner of this journal leaf?"

"I don't know Elder. How do we know what they even look like? These, people I mean," Arques said. "And where would we start?"

"We just start lookin', my boy. We will start tomorrow, when the bells ring about. Keep this between us though, alright?"
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