Record of Elder Raydalen (fiction writing)

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Record of Elder Raydalen (fiction writing)

Postby JethroRayne » Fri May 18, 2012 4:33 am

So, reading the storydump and a little bit of "My life" by Foodwrap made me want to contribute a bit of literary work myself. I don't know how the starting city in S3 will look, but I really hope it's got a wall so that it fits into my story better. Yell at me if I missed something on other lore badly!

Anyways, this is a record entry of the Elder Raydalen during the time of the spirit's whispering and just before the return of the people to the world above. (Raydalen was made up for fictional use and any relation to anyone living or dead is coincidental.)


The Elders said that we had once walked underneath something called a sun and the riven moon. They told us of green grass, of mighty trees and gentle winds. Several remembered the howling sands and others the mushrooms that grew taller than the cavern roofs. Such sad remembrance in their wrinkled eyes as they spun the tales of their youth and of the outside world. Still others recalled the wars of old, of great cites and leaders who vied with one another to conquer and extend their power. The Elders themselves are gone, though their stories we still have, and one story stays with me, and will forever.

Even though great had been the bloodshed of the cites and peoples of the world above, it was nothing to what was coming.

A day had come, a day that the spirits began to fight with one another and tear apart the world in their fury. Mountains crumbled, the seas boiled and the great cities of the world above fell into chaos. The people fled, searching for any place that was safe from the destruction and slaughter. The great spirit Axan led them into the womb of the earth, where he sealed them away to preserve the last remnants of life from the old world.

Many died in the weeks and months afterwards to disease and injury, some to petty squabbles of wars past. If only they had stayed in the grip of the earth…
The tumultuous powers of the spirits had spread, spread deep down, even to where the refugees were hidden. Maybe if they had fled deeper, maybe then we would not have a constant war of our own on our hands. They came from where they had buried them down in the soil, the risen bodies of their family and friends, rotting and decaying. They murdered and butchered the living that were caught, most of the living escaped further into the caves and blockaded themselves from the walking dead.
There they armed ourselves and there they sent the walking dead back into eternal slumber, as least every one of them hoped that it was eternal. Many undead still hunt outside the walls that the living had built, the walls that cost several their lives and their souls, but protect the people that now dwell in relative safety within them. Here we built our city, here we have carved out a living, waiting for the day that we can return as a people to the surface.

Some hold hope that the day is near, for the raging and thunderous noise of the spirit's war in the world above has become silenced as of late. Many claim to hear the spirits whispering to them, calling them to venture into the world above once again. They say that the spirits tell them of the beauty of the world above, that they have made it whole once again for us. I hold out hope that it is as they say, that the world is once again beautiful and whole, for I long to see the sun and the riven moon that the Elders spoke of before I myself die.
Yet I fear that it is only to bloodshed and destruction that the people are being led to once again. To build their great cities, to the 'glory' of the spirits, and to slaughter in their name as well. Time will tell, yet I hope for our sake, that time will not see our end for ages to come.

-Elder Raydalen


Feels really short and unfinished to me personally, so I'll write out some more when I've got time and if I can actually flush it out.
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Re: Record of Elder Raydalen (fiction writing)

Postby JammyThunder » Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:00 am

Not bad. I do a lot of fiction writing in my spare time, some of which is N@W inspired. Its yet to hit the forums though.
This is pretty good. Enjoyed reading it, and if you manage to push out a bit more (not sure if you have given it any thought, its been a few months) I look forward to reading that too.
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Re: Record of Elder Raydalen (fiction writing)

Postby Changamer1000 » Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:21 am

Yeah, this is a pretty good piece of work. You should really make more.
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