Season 3 Infodrop - Storydump (4/5)

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Season 3 Infodrop - Storydump (4/5)

Postby Cyster » Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:30 pm

Ages have passed since the great spirit Axan sealed the last vestiges of mortals into the mountain.

Year after year, the caves shook and thundered as the gods vented their fury on the world. But the mortal spirit is hard to break, and in time the ragged shelters became villages, and the villages grew into a bustling city underground. The builders honored the spirit who saved them in their work, and the caves were lit up with fires and cunningly-crafted lights. The rage of the gods outside became nothing more than background noise.

But one day, the noise grew still.

And in its place came the voices.

"Worship me and everything will bloom at your feet," whispered one. "No, worship me, for I can grant you mastery over flame," said another. And another, and another. The gods worked their way into the minds of those hidden from them for so long. Temples were erected in a large cave to each of the gods, granting them a place of honor. Squabbles began among the populace, for the gods would not share their worshippers. Each mortal proclaimed their god superior. Scuffles turned into brawls, brawls into riots. It was only the voices of their gods that cut through the cacophony:

"Come out and see the world we've shaped for you."

The miners set to work. With pick and shovel they broke free of their shelter after too long, revealing a world that did not at all match the accounts of the original survivors. Their city lay in the center of a broad land, without the ocean that was once there. Beyond, they could see hints of greater lands, fanciful places. One by one, they followed the siren songs of their gods, leading them to their new homes.

(This lousy bit of doggerel gives you an idea of where we're heading for S3's lore. The center will be the city that used to be the Hollows, with a broad neutral area with a couple environments -- past that, along the edges, there will be the god-themed biomes. Each biome will be totally themed to our six gods (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Day, Night), with a couple of distinct environments for each so you have some variety.

The gods themselves do not control people directly. They may speak with them, or give them hints on where to go, but it is the domain of mortals to determine how to carry out their god's will in normal days. Also, it should be noted that there's no way to get here from elsewhere, so please plan as if you came from the city.

While there may be varying sects in a god's religion, there is no questioning that these six gods are the main gods. Some people may have a different name for them, or consider them an aspect of something, but they worship them just the same.)
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