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Re: Krazyguy - Goodbye

Postby orionic » Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:00 pm

Feels the same here. I havent checked in months i think, but this faint hope inside remains that there will be a return.
My head says it wont though, wich I accept.
Still, to me N@W used the freedom of minecraft to its fullest potential. Great builds, pvp, lore, and a reason to fight for.
Id love to see you all, irl or on a server one day, but I doubt it will ever happen. I might check in every once in a while, but adult life is creeping ever closer, so i might not have the time.
Come to think of it, i was 15 when i applied. Im 20 now. Fuck man its been a while.
oh, and the name is Imre, if you wanted to know.
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