I miss Windslash (and other N@W memories)

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I miss Windslash (and other N@W memories)

Postby gigyas6 » Sat Sep 26, 2015 7:26 am

Maybe it's because I'm a little buzzed and it's a little late and I've got to stay up late as I'm going to be training for temporary night shift soon, but I just feel like I got to get this off my chest.

Every so often, because I'm extremely vain, I'll go back and revisit old threads. The escapades of Riverdolphin. Drunken Crusade. That kinda stuff. Real old stuff.
It's hard to avoid noticing that there were a lot of people from back then who have made a large hole here with their absence.

And for a while now, I've just really missed seeing Windslash about. Now he's not the only guy I miss, I'm not trying to say he was some super special guy that everyone should care about, and there are certainly other members of the community who I miss seeing from. He wasn't even terribly active in the forums - did much more in-game.

But he was the first guy I really, really connected with in game. It wasn't a very long stint, and it wasn't even necessarily close, but it's my first memory of N@W and is probably the entire reason I'm still around. I can almost guarantee that if there was no Windslash, there would be no gigyas6 - or at least not here on N@W, though I'm sure there are many of you who might not necessarily care too much about that. It was my first attempt at real survival cooperation, trying to build some fancy fort with someone and frantically gathering resources to do so. The eventual dissolution of our little fort, due to us trying to recruit nearby neighbors into our town who ended up moving because they thought we were planning on attacking and/or robbing them (which I still have no idea where that came from, despite later actually running an Assassin's Guild) was probably one of the most important things that happened in my initial run. Me and Wind drifted, and despite attempts to keep in contact and try playing together, we just had different plans. I started playing less on the server. Necropolis certainly increased how much I played, and I certainly enjoyed that community, but it was something different.

There's a different feeling between joining something already off the ground and doing work with your own hands. And the simple concept of "Build fort city" (even though it was more like Fort Hamlet) was enough to keep me going.

I think my playtime really took a dip, even in Necropolis, when Wind finally left. I don't really know why. It was probably a year after our initial fort-building exercise. But I saw slowly that a community I knew was leaving and a community I did not know was starting to rise - and maybe that scared me. Maybe that still scares me a bit. Maybe that scares all of us, and it's why we're not as aggressive with working with and on Season 3 as we could be - including both Admins and us commonfolk.

Maybe if it finally does start, that'll be my sign off. My "that'll do pig". My final view of a community that's been long-standing for nearly three years even without a minecraft server. I like to think I want to do a lot in Season 3, but every time there's a small little doubt in me - even from 2.5. It's not like I'd be the first to walk that road, what with a majority of the Season 1 veterans leaving near the start/middle of Season 2.

I'm rambling at this point and the beer is leaving my system. I think I'm not even sure what the point of this was to begin with. I guess I just wanted to have a bit of nostalgia, and was just a bit worried about the "what to come".
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Re: I miss Windslash (and other N@W memories)

Postby BrickWork » Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:51 am

As someone who joined the server around the same time as Gig, I can also say Windslash was a really cool guy. He's the first guy I met, and the one who introduced me to the server.

Back when I first joined, we were in season 1.5. Windslash was the guy making an effort to welcome all the new players. He was actually the first guy I met and spoke to. Even today, I still remember the him, despite having exchanged only a few words.

If anything, Windslash is probably the guy I miss the most (well, excluding some wild card favourites, such as
Obsidianstar) just for how nice he was when I was starting out, both on the server, and as an immature teenager.

I'm still hoping he'll come back with the release of NAW 3.0, as I do with other distant people. If not, then I'll at least try to take on his example, and give an equal welcoming to any new folks we get. In the end, something so small like a greeting always has the potential to be meaningful.
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Re: I miss Windslash (and other N@W memories)

Postby Empirical » Sun Oct 11, 2015 4:26 am

Was just looking through his post history for the hell of it, he had some good posts and an app I didn't hate. Cool dude.
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Re: I miss Windslash (and other N@W memories)

Postby SmurfyX » Thu Dec 31, 2015 2:08 am

My favorite memory, besides the grunt work I did for Fonjo's group building that DAMN library (went through at least 200 diamond pickaxes god almighty), and obviously that entire group we were with (those dudes were so good) was actually kind of incidental to N@W, but, whatever I'm gonna tell it anyway.

I did some exploring and found this dude named Mertie who had this brick shack out in the middle of the ocean, who I killed, and took all his sweet loots, and ended up another time stalking him around the woods outside the main spawn I think. I ended up killing him again for no good reason, I just felt like it I guess.

Anyway, I ended up meeting that same guy on reddit's hardcore server when that first came out (what...2011?), and at first he drew his sword and said "At last, revenge". and we duked it out for a bit but neither of us died. We ended up teaming up together and built wonders in that server, just cool stuff all over the place for three or four server resets and became pretty good friends for awhile. Mertie, wherever you are, you were the coolest dude. Miss you, man.
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