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Application: ratch3t01

Postby ratch3t01 » Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:33 am

Minecraft In-Game Name:






Have you met anyone in the Nations at War community prior to coming here? Do you have friends in the community? If so, who?

I don't think so my friend sim00073 might be but I haven't heard from him...

Have you previously played on another server (excluding personal ones with your friends)? If so, list and tell us a bit about them.

Imaginecraft: A great survival public server my friends and I used to play on, lots of fun LOL.
MC Joe: Also a great server if you search to show off your creative skills, I built a town on creative on water and it was a popular town.
SavageRealms: This was personally one of my favourites, I had lots of friends I only got to know by chat, I lived in a town and I had a strong party. On there I was a gambler (I don't want to be one in real life I thought it might be fun for a change) and I gambled and won lots of auctions and became very rich.

Have you read and agree to abide by our rules?

Yes I understand all oft them and I accept.

What parts of Minecraft interest you the most? Explain why.

I like the structual and survival side of minecraft, I enjoy being inspired and building structures that impress people.

What do you find the most intriguing about what Nations at War offers? Explain why.

All the amazing builds look fantastic, the reviews are fantastic and I am looking forward to hopefully starting a journey and conquering it at the same time willing to have fun and meeting people plus having the best time on such a good quality server.

Are you comfortable using MCPatcher to install high-res texture packs?

Yes, I already use it for my texture packs.

Are you willing to use Mumble (free VOIP software) to communicate with the N@W community?

Yes, absolutely.

(Optional) Please provide links to images or other media showcasing your building experience. (Imgur galleries, Youtube videos, etc.) ... 2218842353
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