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Application: SiameseOctopus

Postby SiameseOctopus » Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:01 am

Minecraft In-Game Name:



Fourteen. Yes, I realize that many of my peers are often immature and silly, but I stride to maintain a higher level of maturity when dealing with adults.


The United States

Have you met anyone in the Nations at War community prior to coming here? Do you have friends in the community? If so, who?

I have not had the privelege of meeting someone from this Minecraft server. However, if I am given the chance to play on this interesting server, I am quite compelled to meet and make acquaintances with other members of this excellent gaming community.

Have you previously played on another server (excluding personal ones with your friends)? If so, list and tell us a bit about them.

I have of course played on other Minecraft servers. First off, I played on the Banacraft server. It was a casual survival/factions server and many of the players formed monopolies and companies to try to take over Minecraft. My friend and I founded KoengCo Imports, a trading company that distributed supplies, mainly food, to the various villages and towns scattered throughout Minecraft. I helped manage the company and establish contracts, while my friend built, mined, and created. I was the talk-person, and he was the operations-person. Unfortunately, the quality of the server degraded until I decided to leave the server.
Next, I played a brief while on the MineZ servers. They were a zombie apocalyspe based server and had players roam the countryside, fending off hordes and bandits. I found it quite exhilarating at first, but I later found the lack of player interaction and lack ofmaturity among most players a disappointment. Therefore, I decided to embark on a journey to find a more interesting server.
I played a bit on the Voxel Box, but found the pure building to be dull. I moved on to various, more fascinating servers, like Lord of the Craft, Convicted, etc. I found the lack of organization of Convicted was poor, and the high-fantasy theme in LoC was stifling.

Have you read and agree to abide by our rules?

Yes, I have read the rules multiple times and have found them to be reasonable and sensible. I agree to abide to them one-hundred percent.

What parts of Minecraft interest you the most? Explain why.

When one of my friends first told me about Minecraft, I laughed. I thought that the idea of a sandobx-survival game was impossible. However, he showed me a couple things that persuaded me to buy the game. First off, he did something very simple. He just played SSP and I watched him build a simple first base. I was hooked on the fact that in Minecraft you can build anything you want, go anywhere you want, and do anything you want. Let's just say that I was amazed and intrigued at the amount of freedom and flexibility that a game of Minecraft gave. Next, he showed me multiplayer. I was already pulling out my pocket change, but the ability to interact with players in a flexible world was astouding. I have to say, I got hooked by the movie-esque gameplay some servers, including N@W, introduced. I could team up with a band of similar-minded players, and lead a great nation. We could fight off invaders, conquer the Nether, and create stories to spread. SMP was the thing that convinced me to buy Minecraft.

What do you find the most intriguing about what Nations at War offers? Explain why.

I have quite a few things I found intriguing. When I was first looking for a server like this, I searched "factions roleplaying minecraft server." One of the most interesting things that that search yielded was the Season 2 trailer. I watched and was drawn in. I thought, I can be part of a nation, and live the world of fluctuating politics (I'm not kidding here)? As SMP was the best part of Minecraft to me, I thought that organized nations was amazing. Other faction servers involved factions that were simply bands of players living together as protection against bandits. Then, after further research, I found out about the NATIONS plugin. I thought the ability to wage war, build a massive economy, and enforce trade routes was astounding. I have always fantasized about being "just another ordinary guy", and this brings it to life.

Are you comfortable using MCPatcher to install high-res texture packs?

I already use MCPatcher to install mods, like the Minimap. I find it an excellent tool, and agree to use it.

Are you willing to use Mumble (free VOIP software) to communicate with the N@W community?

I'm willing to tune in for important announcements and discussion, but I will not talk much because I am uncomfortable with putting my voice on the Internet.

(Optional) Please provide links to images or other media showcasing your building experience. (Imgur galleries, Youtube videos, etc.)

Unfortunately, my playstyle is usually as a adminstrator or soldier, so the sole thing I have built were the road system on Banancraft. As I have no pictures, I'll simply describe them. The roads were created out of a five-block-wide stone brick path. The edges were lined with wooden fences, leaving a three-block path. Every ten or so blocks, a lamppost was put. This was created by putting another vertical fence on the barrier, dangling a wooden block off, and putting torches. The roads weren't pretty, but they worked. Credit to Koeng101 for joint efforts.
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