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Application: Fidtrooper

Postby Fidtrooper » Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:42 pm

Minecraft In-Game Name:






Have you met anyone in the Nations at War community prior to coming here? Do you have friends in the community? If so, who?

I did talk to the leader of the G.B.E (season two clan) But that was a while ago,other than that I haven't talked to anybody from the community for a while.

Have you previously played on another server (excluding personal ones with your friends)? If so, list and tell us a bit about them.

No I spent most of my multi player lifestyle on a server of a freinds.

Have you read and agree to abide by our rules?

Of course,the rules are a key part of any server failing to abide by them is failing the server.

What parts of Minecraft interest you the most? Explain why.

I find two major parts of minecraft interesting; The creative side, because any small build can grow and develop into a bustling metropolis. And the Community side,because two people with no knowledge of the world,could a huge empire and rule the world!

What do you find the most intriguing about what Nations at War offers? Explain why.

Lot's of features of NAW are appealing to me,how every build, though legit are huge and sprawling.
How the world is amazing to play in and RP. How everybody is in the same mindset,without those who ruin the fun.

Are you comfortable using MCPatcher to install high-res texture packs?

Yes,although I may suffer from high lag.

Are you willing to use Mumble (free VOIP software) to communicate with the N@W community?

Yes,voice chat can really improve game play.

(Optional) Please provide links to images or other media showcasing your building experience. (Imgur galleries, Youtube videos, etc.)

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