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Application: Louy11

Postby Louy11 » Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:33 am

Minecraft In-Game Name:






Have you met anyone in the Nations at War community prior to coming here? Do you have friends in the community? If so, who?

No i haven't, i found out about this on you-tube and it looked epic so....

Have you previously played on another server (excluding personal ones with your friends)? If so, list and tell us a bit about them.

Yes i played on epi craft that was awesome i was given a plot and built a two story house with a balcony, pool and bar area so that was fun. Also i played a bit on War hub i liked fighting on a team against others.

Have you read and agree to abide by our rules?

Yes i have read and i abide by your rules.

What parts of Minecraft interest you the most? Explain why.

I like to build, set up traps for mobs and things like that i love the sight of a creeper blowing up. lol

What do you find the most intriguing about what Nations at War offers? Explain why.

Wow their are alot of things, i like the concept of the server, being on a team and fighting for your nation, just thing like that.

Are you comfortable using MCPatcher to install high-res texture packs?

yeah that's fine texture packs are awesome

Are you willing to use Mumble (free VOIP software) to communicate with the N@W community?

Yeah sure.

(Optional) Please provide links to images or other media showcasing your building experience. (Imgur galleries, Youtube videos, etc.)

I like to search around you-tube and mine craft forums and get idea's. I put all of my idea's into one epic build that how i like to work. :)
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